Sentez Boya, since 1995, it completed its installation and started to provide services. By expanding its product range with increasing demands and happy customers, it has started to have a say in paint and hardware sector. It has produced and produced clear solutions against the demands with its high production and supply capacity especially in the field of furniture paints.

Using the most up-to-date production technologies, directing consumer demands, producing quality products with the pioneering products in the paint industry, pioneering and innovative brand identity, our company has become one of the strongest companies in the furniture paint sector in a very short period of time and is advancing to market leadership in the sector.

Sentez Boya is not content with the point it has come from since 1995 and continues its works to develop further and to reach the future.

Our Vision; Taking place between the strong paint companies in Turkey and the targeted country, "people first" principle to produce solutions with creativity and profitability targets.

Our Mision; One of the architects of the technologies that make the beauty of human life be honest is to protect the understanding of honest business ethics in all our work.

It aims to develop technology in every breakthrough. To be useful and useful in the products, the services it provides, the interaction with the environment, the objectives of excellence in competitiveness.